Every Part of You That's Left in Me

by Flower Face

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recorded in the basement of my house. i wrote this album in one month and recorded it in another. if you would like a hard copy (that includes a lil booklet insert that i designed), contact me for pricing information.


released November 1, 2013

i wrote and arranged all of these songs. i stole daisy from pachelbel. i do all vocals/instrumentals except for the guitar in south city girl, done by my dear friend nate. i record, mix and master everything myself, so you have me to thank for the unprofessional aspects.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Patient Sun
you're so seventeen
hands on my neck and skin tight jeans
i want to die with you at the end of the world
you're so in between
what i want and what i need
i'm not sure what's good for me anymore
my dreams all speak in metaphors
of love and sex and fear
you're always too far for me to reach
and i wish you were here
there are things we know and things we don't
turned my ribs into a ladder to lift me out
it never got me anywhere
it never got me anywhere
when you called me just to say
"i'm drunk and i still don't love you
i'm drunk and i don't want you around"

(the sun comes up and i go back to bed/turn off the tv, just watch me instead/i will make you the happiest you've ever been/newspaper's open but you aren't reading it/i am laughing lying on the bedroom floor/i'm not scared of anything anymore/we're together laying on the sheets/the summer's leaving but i was sick of it)
Track Name: Sleeping Pills
i wish i had a way out of this place
i'm wasting away
my hair keeps falling out
and my face is turning grey
i miss you every day
and i can't breathe when you're not around.
i'm alone in my best friend's bed
waiting for the night to end
i can hear her crying in the living room
over the sound of a sitcom on tv
he is breaking her heart again

and what kind of fucking lie is my empathy?
i've never felt so much
never enough to swear i loved
you or him or her
or any of the past
embodiments of my loneliness
Track Name: Nights You Spent Singing To The Moon
every evening after you throw up your meal
you fall asleep in your clothes with the windows shut tight
every day you tear flowers from the field
just to show that you can, just to prove that you're right
every morning you stare at yourself in the mirror
are you losing more hair are you losing your sight?
your mother says you're doing well
your sister says you've stopped eating again
i don't think the season will end
Track Name: Baby Habit
my body's made out of dead leaves
my body's made out of dead trees
i'm letting all this powdered poison
kill my body
kill my friends
i told you to leave me alone
but i wanted you to stay
i told you to leave me alone
but you loved me anyway

lay strips of ice on my fevered head
lay beside me in my tiny bed
they're passing out, they're walking dead
they're passing out, they're nearly dead

self destruction is my pretty venom
self destruction is my silent shame
please don't get ahead of me
please don't beat me at my own game

everything will be okay
Track Name: Birthday
every year is just another candle on the cake
every song is just a mantra about you
i don't want to go outside
i don't want to leave my room
close my eyes and wish to die
as they pass empty boxes across the table
melted wax burning my skin
wish i could go back
wish i was able

(i am not who i was before)
Track Name: Virtue/Purity/Broken Bones
you're waking now
breathing deeper now
nothing you can say will ever change my mind

you won't hide blood with running water
all rivers drain to the sea
i'm not ruined, just simply bruised
my name is a prayer and you scream it at me

(slow down, slow down, i'm not ready yet)
Track Name: Where the Ocean Meets the Sky (Where You End and I Begin)
every time you look at me i'm overthrown by gravity pulling me down
is it trying to bury me, bring on my early death or hold me safely to the ground?
every word you said to me is carved into my memory like words on a gravestone
i let my heart build a monument and dedicate it to you without realizing i'd made it into my home

what goes around comes back around
and it's all coming back to me
i didn't know how to love someone who needed the ocean
when all i had was the sea
if i could explain i'm sure you'd understand
but you never listen to me
i'm standing trial against everyone i've ever loved
and they've all found me guilty
if i let you destroy me will you finally feel free?

you called me again in the middle of the night
to tell me you found god in the centre of the eyes
of a pretty girl who never cries the way i did every day
now the sun puts on a show, she's taking off her clothes
but the moon just says goodnight
and so it goes with you and i and all our starry-eyed fantasies, washed away
as the trees all shed their leaves, seasons change and so do we
as we burn away our fears
with ink stains on our hands from all the eulogies we read
shaking hands, make us bleed

you are bitter wind
against my freezing skin
the reason i stay in on these cold october days
you're the breath that i inhale
while i write these words
wishing there was something i could say
i know i fall to pieces every time you touch me
but i really want you to stay
my funeral boy, body like a coffin
laying in an empty grave

i tried to write about the end of the world
but i wrote about you instead
your breath is the saddest song i've ever heard
and i can't get it out of my head
Track Name: South City Girl
lying in your bed
watching you undress
waiting for a spark
but i feel terrified instead
i watch you braid your hair
you make me want to kill myself
touch me with your tiny hands
kiss me with your tiny mouth
next time you take too many pills
i'll be the first one on the phone
next time you take too many pills
i won't leave you on your own
your body's falling apart
too much medicine in your bones
ashes turn to ashes
while i am carving you in stone
i've been worrying about you, darling
i've been worried about you, love
i've been worrying about you, darling
you keep me up all night, my love
next time you take too many pills
i'll be the first one on the phone
next time you take too many pills
i won't leave you on your own
Track Name: Daisy
easy, pretty baby, you're forgetting how to breathe
is the colour draining from your face
a reflection of me?
easy, pretty baby, daisy, let me touch your hair
i see you in my dreams
i see you everywhere
easy, pretty baby, summer songs on the radio
tell me if you want to leave
tell me if you want to go
easy, pretty baby, wake me up, don't let me sleep
daisies on your gravestone
daisies at your feet

(there's a song in your eyes that won't let me go
coffins shouldn't be made in such small sizes)

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