Honey and Milk (Single)

by Flower Face

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keep me caged with the animals, tasting my sorrow and teaching me lessons
you found me asleep with the roses all over my body, like a confession
cigarette burns on my collar, i don't think i like this life that we're living
surviving on honey and milk, you don't give me much more to make sure that i'm breathing

i think god's staying at the diane motel and he's smoking out on the porch
and you're crying in the parking lot again, just praying that i will come home
but i've been lost for so many days on the interstate, i don't know morning from dark
the kindness of strangers and the strangeness of everyone i know has just fucked with my heart

you laugh like an angel with comatose love in your eyes like a sleeping city
you put me to rest in your gravestone chest, tell me i've never looked so pretty
the funeral party had drinks and nobody asked why you smashed up the table
your promises fold and your voice is so loud but i'm living in the light of your halo

i think god's passed out in the bathtub again because nobody answered the door
and the love that you made me fight for was never love at all
the red light shines through the window and i've got a black eye for every bed that you've made
the honey and milk on my fingertips was never enough to make you stay


released September 21, 2017
recorded by joshua kaiser at kaiser sound productions
produced by joshua kaiser and ruby mckinnon
written and arranged by ruby mckinnon
instrumentation by ruby mckinnon and joshua kaiser


all rights reserved


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