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you keep a little piece of the past beneath your skin
spider legs crawling through your cold bloodstream
baby's got a slow pulse, he's hearing static sounds again
he changes like the autumn trees, shiver shaking limbs

you take their words for gospel and leave me in the rain
nathan, don't make me lose my breath again
you built yourself a bed from ashes and string
nathan, don't fill up your lungs with fire again

there's summer in your hazy eyes though the winter steals the air
it feels like i've loved you my whole life cause i see you everywhere
in dreams where i cannot move, i can only stand and stare
your milky skin, my piano hands putting flowers in your hair

i'll drown these nightmares in apathy til i believe that i'm okay
nathan, do you feel powerful when you're pushing me away?
i'll sleep with open windows in case you come back for me someday
nathan keeps me on the run, begging him to stay
nathan holds me to his chest, begging me to stay


from Fever Dreams, released April 5, 2016


all rights reserved


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