Funeral Kid EP

by Flower Face

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see the lights on in the city see the faces in the clouds? you've got an open heart in a one way street you can't turn it around see the lights out in the city? means the storm is on it's way i've got enough light for the morning got enough in me to say i was wrong i was wrong about the way the world will end thought i was strong thought at least that i could pretend all the words you say to me when i'm crying on the phone i've got these demons crawling in my chest they won't leave me alone and i'm struggling just to stay alive and i miss you every day put all my love into my funeral kid and they're taking him away we can talk about it if you want if you've got something to say lost all my quarters in this payphone just to hear your voice today oh, my darling's made of ashes oh, my darling's got no eyes but i think that i could love him if i really tried you were right you were right that i am lost inside myself for just one night at your hands, the highest high i've ever felt all the words you say to me beside me in my bed while these demons are knocking at my door they want to shoot us dead i won't let you run away i can't miss you for so long i left my heart in the hands of my funeral kid and i don't know where he's gone
pull the curtains shut and go back to bed can't kill the blinding light inside my head almost wanted to kill myself but i'd rather stay alive numb the panic in our bones, we go back to school spent summer sinking to the bottom of swimming pools you know i've got a thousand places on my mind but i'd rather be with you if you don't want to stay then we can go i've got two bus tickets and a burning faith that we'll get out of here somehow and if i let you down just let me know i can leave you alone i can find my way home i just hoped you'd stay around pull the curtains shut and go back to bed can't hear over the beating drum inside my head i'm sorry for the phone calls and backseat dreams i just hoped you'd come around you wore a new shirt and your hair was clean spent a night outside our heads, tried to sleep at cocaine speed i almost wanted to hold your hand but i can't stop falling down all those sleepy daydreams all those late night cabarets hold me til it's over i don't want to go home, i don't want to grow up i just want to stay awake with you
down to the river where the birds fly low and you sail away on the sunset glow to the cemetery where your lover sleeps where the sunflowers grow and the foxes weep will you meet me there at the break of day when the tides rise up and the birds fly away? little soldier, little sun, little blue eyed wolf sing to the mercy of the sky above down through the forest to the clear blue stream where the foxes hunt but are never seen parting water and sky, see what you've become and the sunflowers bow to your kingdom come and we run to the beat of the sunset drum through the poisoned fields of the midnight sun there are ghosts in the air they can smell your fear better run for your life as the night draws near
can't get up without the thought of you can't get off without the thought of you
sixteen, sixteen holding out for something we were clean cut kids in the world alone we wear our bruises on the best of days they keep us on the run holding hands in the storm til the world comes undone (keeps me on the run) got a morbid fascination and we're not afraid to die got a morbid fascination and we know we're gonna die
you keep a bible next to your bed to burn the evil thoughts from your head count the good days one by one god, how wicked we've become if somebody's coming for me i'm ready to fight with clenched fists and broken teeth i've been up all night and if death is waiting for me i'm ready to go there's no heaven above me, no bitter end below your walls are filled with posters of girls you wish you knew sad songs on the record player next to you cut your hair off, change your name but inside, darling, you're still the same these needles in your bloodstream and bruises on your arms you're a pale white painter's canvas i've never seen a heart like yours i wrote your wedding song and watched her throw her bouquet i'd write my own funeral hymn and watch you dance all day there's no beauty in dying we just carry on all rivers drain to the ocean and all oceans bring us home we live in a world of street signs and traffic lights and words like "forgive me, nothing feels like home tonight."


released October 15, 2014

all songs written/recorded/produced by ruby mckinnon aka flower face


all rights reserved


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